Tesco Apple Display Area

For the first time the giant UK-based Tesco food retailer has created a dedicated sales area within its store for a non-food item, according to a recent newspaper article. Thanks to Chris for the photo of what the store-within-a-store area looks like in the town of Milton Keynes, about 50 miles northwest of London. Will this model ever come to America?

Update: A later news story says Tesco will expand the concept to six more stores, and then 300 locations (conflicting with the "135 outlets" figue in this story below).

The display area is nicely lit, has the standard wall graphics, well-stocked and has desktop and laptop computers on display. To the right you can see iPods on display unless plastic.

Adjacent to the display area is this interactive iPod displayk, allowing visitors to put on a headset and listen to music.